What to expect in a session….

When you come to me, you can expect to feel welcomed & cared for in a way that invites all of you to be as present with me as you wish. You can share as much or as little as you desire, it is all sacred & confidential. There are a couple of options as we proceed: Primarily table work, or chair work. There are various ways we can integrate these options, as well.  You can also expect your nervous system to shift, usually there’s a settling. 

Table work is when the client is on the massage table, clothes on, & receives contact. This contact is referred to as, “holds.” Most people tend to deduce from the name of the work, craniosacral, that the contact is restricted to the head & sacrum, but it is actually more expansive. Occasionally, most of the attention is exclusively on the head, but there are various holds that are used on various points on the body, both from the craniosacral tradition as well as polarity.

Chair work is for counseling & coaching. We use a verbal process that can be on any topic, which I can help choose when we check in a little. It brings movement where the energy is stuck; deepens your understanding with perspective of the “other,” comes from within versus just advice; & honors the settling of the nervous system because it is non-carthartic.

Moonfox Integration - Audrey Gunn - Outside Tablework

Additionally there are verbal processes, which are like guided meditations, & holds I teach you to practice on your own.

Generally, any one of these things or a combination of them supports the settling of the nervous system & this in turn supports healing in all ways. Most people feel relaxed, & like they just meditated. You may notice symptoms shift around, both physical & emotional. This is grist for the mill, & of course I am available for continued support.

Moonfox Integration - Audrey Gunn