This guy!! See him behind the fence? Playing with me!! Bruno Blauschaffer, The Mystical Magical Moonfox himself. Pets have always come to me like intuition comes: I don’t try for it, animals & thoughts appear in my field that simply cannot be denied. This creature showed up as a puppy on my front porch in Park Hill in 2001. It is like he was hanging out & waiting for my return, because he was just outside the screen door that my roommate Julie was just inside of, but when I pulled into the driveway, he came down the stairs to greet me as if we were old friends…which I later found out we were. & I started to take care of him. Then of course he started to take care of me, too. 

When we moved to Boulder in 2003, I took him on trails where there were not a lot of people to teach him to be off leash. He loved to explore & often ran ahead, but never wanted to lose me. We never wanted to lose each other. So when he began to be too far ahead, I’d call for him, which became me hiding behind a boulder & whistling. We played hide & seek this way. This photo shows him reversing the roles – my dog was playing hide & seek with me!! I didn’t give him the nickname Mystical Magical Moonfox, but isn’t it fitting? God I loved him so much. Still do. How lucky I was to have his companion for almost 10 years, though it still seems too short a time.

& as you may know from another post, I took on his nickname, & then named my business after him!! In this work, we definitely tap into the mystical & the magical aspects of life that can bring one home to their own true being.