Freedom, sovereignty, & drishti: Reflections on July 4, 2019

I woke up remembering dreams this morning, of good times with friends, & one with Deer & Coyote. I always dream about people so I am pleased to have also started having some wild animals in there. Perhaps it’s an effect of all the deer that have been surrounding my home this summer.

I am lucky, my yoga teacher teaches on holidays. She mentioned drishti & I noticed myself thinking about a bestie from junior high. We are in touch again & the care & adoration is still strong. Stronger even. She mentioned drishti in one of our last conversations & now I hear it all the time. It’s a good one.

I dedicated my practice to her today. & it brought my awareness to my drishti, my gaze, where my attention is going. When I’m at my best with yoga I receive metaphors. I can frame things differently. This occurred today.

Today, Independence Day, I feel freedom in my body. I tapped into this experience in contrast to what I have been having this year. Because I haven’t been impeccable with my diet & yoga practice, & dharma nature time, I have had some inflammation. This is shifting back now. Good food, hikes, yoga class & home practice. Also, in contrast to a world that sometimes can be painful to witness, I have gratitude for sovereignty over my own body. In this world, it is a privilege, & I offer immense gratitude for this.