About me, Audrey

Audrey Gunn of Moonfox InetgrationI was amazed when I realized that I began my studies as a child. I grew up in the city, but whenever we had the opportunity, my parents took my brother & me to nature. Sometimes on Sundays we would go to church, but more often, we would go to Lake Michigan, a forest preserve, or the Morton Arboretum. There is much to gain in time with family, & a lot to learn by simply being in nature. I did have an impulse when I was about 10 to go to Sunday school at the Unitarian Church we belonged to. There, I learned about all religions, & I was especially drawn to the Tao. The Tao is more of a system than a religion, & I was drawn to the compassion of it’s logic, the balance of both yin & yang, & the capacity to see things from a neutral point of view. The symbol for the Tao is yin & yang, one of the main principles of polarity. As I was immersed in the study of polarity, it dawned on me how long I have been engaging in this work. I already knew I was meant to do this work based on other aspects, but this continues to blow me away, the way my path has unfolded, with solid stepping stones like this in the wild river of life.

Some other stepping stones of my extended education were studying Asian philosophy in college, as well as psychology. I find myself fascinated by the various systems, too, such as Human Design & The Higher Alignment, which pointed my way as well. I received articulation about who I am & a sense of purpose this way. I did an exercise in a class in which there was an inquiry into my community about what shows up for them with my presence. Everyone said they felt better when they were around me. That is quite wonderful to hear. & I took it as a responsibility. When I realized I have natural talents at helping people, I found myself compelled to make a contribution in this way.

Recently I spent a little time watching & listening to author & speaker Anand Giridharadas. His TedTalk is at least as inspiring as a TedTalk is supposed to be, & his interview about his book tells the truth, pulling together information about the problems of our country in a cohesive way. In his TedTalk, he says, “Don’t console yourself if you are part of the 99%.” He asks, “What can you do, what can we do, to build a more merciful country? What are you doing to make a difference in humanity?” Honestly, this is why I have a somatic arts practice. It is why I took a leap of faith to study ancient esoteric healing practices that I know are effective to support others in their own evolution. Is this what Anand Giridharadas is asking me to do? There is so much that needs to be done. I am working to bring forth my gifts so others can as well, & to contribute my piece, in my way.

I do a lot of work behind the scenes, on my own in terms of centering myself. In this I utilize the very practices I use in sessions, & engage in radical self care. This includes meditation, but also doing simple polarity holds on myself, often just before a session begins. I do these things so I can be well & fully present with clients. One of the main concepts in my training is that we are always orienting to the health. I am interested in supporting this, & as I welcome someone into a session, I invite them to present themselves to me just as they are.

Fun facts: I was born on the Buddha’s birthday!

I play flute & sing, occasionally at weddings.

I love to travel! A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting some people who were the original Balinese!! They fed me & my friends these yummy, gooey, warm rice cakes, fresh off an open fire!

Moonfox Integration - Bruno the MoonfoxMy dog Bruno was given affectionate names like Zen Dog, & The Mystical Magical Moonfox. When he died, I honored him by adding his name to mine on social media. & people began calling me Moonfox!! I liked it, & it has stuck. I have a deep connection to the mystery of the moon, & I am sometimes considered crazy, but crazy like a fox!! So, this is where the name of my business originates.

"I walked into to Audrey's feeling depleted and fatigued. After just a few moments on her table, it felt like I was floating in a deep, still, and calm pool. Her touch was nourishing and intentional; her clarity was vast and gentle. I left feeling nourished, soft, and rejuvenated. Much gratitude for such a powerful and beautiful experience of returning home to me!"

~ Katherine Ann Mullin