Therapy, coaching, and bodywork for greater health.

Craniosacral & polarity is a modality that meets at the intersection of body & mind, working with the nervous system. When the nervous system settles, the capacity to orient to the health is revitalized & enhanced. It allows for expansion, softening, balance & new frameworks for the unfurling and integration of life.

My dear, how can I be more loving to you,
how can I be more kind?

~ Hafiz

This work, craniosacral & polarity, has a framework different from other therapies, another cosmology altogether. The approach honors the deeply held belief that we have a natural inclination to orient towards the health. It works with the mind & body as a system that is utterly interconnected. It offers opportunity for you to be held with a fresh, compassionate perspective, & the opportunity to access that perspective from within. Nothing is forced, we work with what is, & give allowance for expansion, deepening. There is space for the nervous system to settle & then what is held in the body, the true story, can be expressed.


Biodynamic craniosacral & polarity are comprised of several facets, including reflexology & a series of hands-on, clothes-on, holds. During a session I provide a field of deep listening to the subtle. This allows the nervous system to settle & gently release trauma.

Counseling & Coaching

I utilize 2-chair counseling to offer verbal support to gain understanding from within. This modality helps return movement where things are stuck by providing access to perspectives outside of common view.


I often educate, right during a session. My clients have such great questions, but also I teach practices each individual can do on their own to enhance their progress. I have begun teaching groups seemingly simple processes to support the nervous system & access greater self love. I am very humble in this endeavor, recognizing that there is always more to learn.

Audrey Gunn of Moonfox Inetgration

About me, Audrey

I enjoy tapping the inner world, exploring what it means to be in a body, & bringing forth the gifts at the intersection of where these two meet. I live for connection & harmony, & to share my own gifts in a way that supports the innate drive towards equilibrium of body, mind, & spirit. I have carved out my own understanding of what it means to excavate the jewels hidden beneath the surface, & thus have developed compassion & reverence for anyone on such a journey. Supporting the settling of the nervous system, helping others connect to their higher consciousness one person at a time, is one of the best ways I know to effect change for the better in this world.

"I walked into Audrey's feeling depleted and fatigued. After just a few moments on her table, it felt like I was floating in a deep, still, and calm pool. Her touch was nourishing and intentional; her clarity was vast and gentle. I left feeling nourished, soft, and rejuvenated. Much gratitude for such a powerful and beautiful experience of returning home to me!"

~ Katherine Ann Mullin